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Pork: By the Half and Whole Hog

Half and Whole Hog Ordering Information



DUE TO COVID-19 ORDER VOLUME is HIGH!  Waiting period for half or whole will be 3-4 weeks!

Price at $3.75/lb. Hanging Weight

Includes Killing, Cutting, Packaging and Smoking of any cuts:


WHOLE HOG $750.00     

HALF HOG $375.00

The following is an approximate breakdown of cutting options for a WHOLE HOG.  When ordering a half hog just assume approximately half as much meat.  The exact number of chops and steaks will depend on the thickness that you have them cut.  The bacon and sausage can be packaged in any quantity you desire (ex. 1 lb. per package).  Please note that any and all cuts may be smoked.

2 Hams (can be whole or sliced)

Pork Bellies for smoked Bacon (Sliced to your thickness) or fresh side pork

2 Loins can be cut into bone-in chops and loin roast or de-boned for tenderloin and boneless chops  

Pork Shoulder can be cut into steaks, roasts or pork stew meat!

Ribs Flat Racks and Country Style

Try some great Sausage OR plain ground pork

You can choose some of each breakfast sausage, sweet, hot, or plain with a whole hog order!


A whole hog is approximately 75-80 pounds of meat depending on the cuts you use!

ORDER TODAY and we will go over your cutting instruction sheet!




Place an order today for Meat Up or Delivery! We will deliver for free, meet you or have it ready here at the farm by appointment!  Check out the Current Specials, Place an order or contact me with questions!  We are here to help and make purchasing healthy meat for your family CONVENIENT!


Half and Whole Hogs are ready for purchase!  Sign up today and fill your freezer with quality, conveniently-packaged, healthy pork for your family!  $3.75 per pound hanging weight, includes processing and packaging.  Average price $350 per half! Sign up today or check out the Pork Page!