Bedient Farms Natural Beef


Pasture-Raised Lamb


WE HAVE A Full Stock of LAMB!

100% Grass-fed and Finished!

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Lamb By-the-Piece

Lamb Loin Chops $12 per pound

Lamb Rib Chops $9.99 per pound

Ground Lamb $8.00 per pound

Lamb Stew $9.00 per pound

Leg of Lamb $9 per pound

Lamb Shank $8 per pound

Loin Roasts (by order) $10 per pound






Place an order today for market!  Can't make it to market?  We will deliver, meet you or have it ready here at the farm!  Check out the Current Specials, Place an order or contact me with questions!  We are here to help and make purchasing healthy meat for your family CONVENIENT!


Half and Whole Hogs are ready for purchase!  Sign up today and fill your freezer with quality, conveniently-packaged, healthy pork for your family!  $3.40 per pound hanging weight, includes processing and packaging.  Average price $300 per half! Sign up today or check out the Pork Page!