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Winter 2014/2015

Posted 2/4/2015 10:45am by Angela Bedient.

I hope this finds everyone doing well!  We are in February already!

I suppose this means we are more than half way through winter.

Here on the farm we have spent the winter keeping everyone happy and fed.  Until this recent snow of 12 inches we really haven't had it too bad.  All of the animals are doing really well, staying content with our ample supply of stored feeds and they are all healthy.

Before this long stretch of cold set in we began working on a fencing project at one of the summer pastures.  Our old cattle handling pens were so far gone that I could not bear the thought of trying to use them another season.  Also the fence at this farm, which is one of the oldest farms we own, is all a hodge-podge of old, very old and some newer fence.

So I made the decision to tear down the pens and 3,000 feet of perimeter fence.  Before the frost set in we removed the pens and most of the fence and posts.  But as we were preparing to clear some brush and start pounding new posts the ground became too frozen to continue.  We will now be awaiting a thaw.

At another location, last Spring we lost several hundred feet of fence in the flood.  So after being shut down up on the hill, we moved down by the creek to see if we could start work there.  I believe that we could have, but this week we got the snow!  So again, we are shut down.

Frustrating you say?  I guess not too bad.  Winter is always like this.  We either get blessed with open days and get a jump on Spring work, or we wait, plan and attack in an organized chaotic manner come a thaw.

So for now I will be doing things like writing this Blog to keep you all posted on what's going on.  I will work on the dreaded taxes and book work.  I will plan for upcoming markets and butchering activities.  And we will keep the animals fed and happy.  We might squeeze in some firewood getting and logging too if we can get around.

There's always something to do. We just work with what we are given.


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