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Spring is headed our way!

Posted 3/12/2013 7:39pm by Angela Bedient.

It has been quite the winter compared to last!  Reminding us that we do live in New York, we do get snow, and caring for animals in the winter means a lot of hard work.

But we plowed through it and we and the animals are all doing great.  The cattle are feeling Spring nearing each day, with the young and old running around a little more and kicking up their heels. 

We are going full steam ahead continuing with our winter feeding routine but anxiously anticipating the grass growing, so working hard on fence repairs.  And there are plenty of fences to repair!

Every winter storms blow through, knocking limbs and trees over on the fences.  Also deer run around sometimes forgetting to jump a little higher and knock top wires down.  These battles with nature, along with the every year creep of bushes and trees intruding on the fence row and the weather of old posts and wire, keep us busy chainsawing, tearing down, building up and literally tangling with rose bushes and barbed wire.

In the end, when the first blades of green grass reach a nutritious, hardy height and the cattle are turned out into safely fenced in fields, all the thornbush and barbed wire battles are WELL worth it!  

Here's to March and April showers bringing May flowers and acres of green grass! 


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