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Posted 4/23/2013 7:52am by Angela Bedient.

Spring is officially here!   We are calving in Virginia and the weather is perfect for it.  The cows are beginning to graze a little bit and the calves are coming right along.  Day two ended yesterday with calf number 6 arriving late in the evening.


I am always so excited to see what each year's crop will look like.  This year, my Virginia herd was bred to a sweet little calving-ease, Angus bull.  So, the cows ARE calving with ease! The calves are small and very healthy and active. The only disappointing part to me is that almost all of the calves are black!  I love my colors so I am awaiting these shorthorn cows to start throwing some roans and spotted calves :)  Either way, I am very happy to see cute, healthy, happy calves hit the ground running and eating!   


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