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October News

Posted 10/12/2016 7:25pm by Angela Bedient.

In case you didn't catch my column in the Newsletter last week, check it out here!

The popular question for this time of year is always “Do you have things caught up?” or “Are things slowing down for you now?” Sometimes I wish the answer was yes, but it never seems to be the case.  Since we raise our calves start-to-finish and market all of our meat straight to the consumer, there never seems to be a “slow time.”  

We currently have the corn crop harvested, cover crops on, and just a small amount of hay to finish. I am busy working on fences and keeping as many of the cattle on pasture as possible. Some cattle, I was forced to pull off pasture, are being supplemented feed that should be for winter, so not only is this making more work to do each day but it is depleting our winter feed store.  

As has been typical, I still have no steady source of help. I am very thankful that despite this fact, everything always seemed to work out, making hay, chopping corn and completing other large tasks.  It was a juggling act with Mark and Tyler helping me around their full time jobs and the family chipping in a ton!  I am so blessed that they all do way more than I could ever expect!  This has definitely been an on-going challenge over the ten years that I’ve done business on my own, and now more than ever I feel the stretch of trying to run essentially two businesses and spend time together as a family.

This summer I had to work extra hard to keep the farm going with the drought and because of this, and I think other factors, the marketing end of things has suffered.  Business has been slow, we have lost some large accounts and have had to put a lot of money into some off-farm feed purchases.  

Given all of this…I made the decision last week to sell some of my beef animals.  This decision was not an easy one and I could write and maybe will write a totally separate letter to you all about this.  But for now I will say, this decision is the first step in many to be taken to try to revamp, rethink and restructure things so that I can do a better job managing the farm and my family life.  For now I can reassure you that I will have plenty of beef animals to finish out the regular market season and probably the winter too. We still have TONS of chicken and lots of pork.  We also have 100+ turkeys that are being finished for Thanksgiving and many of them are not yet spoken for. So definitely let me know if you would like to sign up for one. 

We will continue to take orders for quarter, half and whole beef, and half and whole hogs…as you all know, I feel very passionately about the fact that this option is the very best option, economically and morally.  

Please know that the main reason I chose to be a direct-market farm ten years ago remains the same today. I truly believe that our product is the healthiest choice for my family and yours.  I truly believe that the only way a farm can be economically stable and sustainable in today’s world is to market their product directly to consumers who are aware of the value in nutrient-dense food. When I chose to farm the way I do I didn’t choose it because it was easy or popular, I chose it because it was what made sense for sustaining my farm and family into the future. I am very pleased with the outcome and honored by how many families trust in us to put healthy food on their tables.


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