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Posted 5/15/2013 8:22pm by Angela Bedient.

New grass means new babies here at the farm.  So far we have welcomed 21 happy healthy calves into the world.  Mamas and babies are all doing well and grazing away. 

Some people who are familiar with Spring calving, might be saying, "people that I know already had their calves for the year, what's up with this Bedient Farms!?"  Well, we definitely do things differently, and I like to say that's a good thing! ;)

I calve later in the Spring for a couple of reasons.  One reason is that my summer pastures are across town, so in late April or early May, when the new grass is well established, we have to make the moooove across town.  I don't want the cows to be "ready to pop" during the move, simply because it could be a little stressful on them and the calf.  (It's not exacly natural for a cow to ride in a trailer over a bumpy road.)  So we wait, and let them settle in!

Also, I would like the babies to be born on clean, new grass.  Winter barnyards and lots can have manure deposits that havn't broken down during the colder winter months and also can tend to be muddy in the spring, both these scenarios can mean bacteria that can be introduced into a calves naval in an instant.  So, I just don't risk it and I make sure they are going to have a nice clean bed to lie in.

Last but not least, if the cow is grazing new, lush grass when the calf is born (versus still eating winter stored feeds) she is going to produce a wonderful, nutrient-filled supply of milk.  The calf will be better off for it, getting a great start and being a much healthier animal throughout its whole life. 

Now, remember, I don't claim to be the only one in this world that knows how to raise quality beef!  This is just my way and it works for me.  I have found that over the last several years of implementing these practices I have had healthier, hardier calves and cows that require no vaccinating and few instances of sickness that require treatment with drugs.  Therefore I am meeting my goals to bring people healthy beef, raised naturally! 

So with all of that said, wish us luck on the rest of calving season and don't forget that calving season marks market season!  Both Canandaigua and Branchport kickoff summer market season the week of May 28th!  Check out the calendar to be sure you are in the right place at the right time!

Thanks for reading! 


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